Project Proposal

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Week 12

This week is presentation week. We are all going to be showcasing our ideas to everyone, including some music students. This is going to be very interesting! We did some practicing the day before and got it under 9 minutes. We also moved some slides around, putting the most important elements first. The next day,Continue reading “Week 12”

Week 11

The winter holiday has finished, so now we are working more focused than before. We have planned to have a quick catch up every Monday – Friday so that we know what everyone is doing. It also helps to show the progress each of us is making. We had a talk with Adam and wasContinue reading “Week 11”

Winter Holiday

During the holiday, we were told not to do too much work and relax, so I did that. I worked a little but as a team we have progressed a lot together. We had meetings every week, discusing and finalising different parts within the game. For example, we had a talk with James on mechanicsContinue reading “Winter Holiday”

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